Edexcel A Level Physics - Circular Motion

taught by Nick Osborne
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Nick Osborne
Nick Osborne

About the instructor

Nick is a qualified physicist and a qualified teacher and has been teaching physics for over 20 years in the UK and overseas.

Nick now works as an online physics tutor.

Circular Motion is a topic within Edexcel A level physics.

In Edexcel A Level Physics, circular motion is part of Topic 6 "Further Mechanics" and is tested in Paper 1. It is also an important foundation for skills in later topics.

Typically Circular Motion and the rest of further mechanics would be studied at the start of year 13 of a physics A level.

Make it one of the fist topics you master in year 13.

Course Contents

12 Videos
3 Quizzes
5 Texts
4.0 hrs